DS1 lose the fight for 3rd place

Last Saturday, Lekdetec.nl visited Katwijk. The team from Bemmel won by 59-73 and have taken over the 3rd place with 22 points, followed by STOL-Grasshoppers with 18 points but with 1 less match played.

In the first period, the scoring goes equally, but with a 10-0 run in the 2nd and 2 x an 8-0 run in the third period, Lekdetec.nl takes a big lead (38-60). In the fourth period, STOL-Grasshoppers manage to come closer, but by then it's too late.

The match started with fast breaks and fast shots on both sides. Lekdetec.nl find the net easier, and after 3 scores in a row by de Jonge, the scoreboard shows 8-14. STOL-Grasshoppers manage to come back in the game via Ingrid van der Plas (15-17).

The second period begins for the team from Katwijk (20-19), but the opponent takes over and within 3 minutes (especially via a number of fast breaks), the score goes to 20=29. With 4 1/2 minutes to play, Rianne Philippo manages to bring STOL-Grasshoppers a bit closer via a 3-pointer. Haltime is reached with 28-37 and anything is possible.

With scores by Karin Kuijt and Corine Manuputty, STOL-Grasshoppers inch closer (33-39), but then the Katwijkers have nothing left and Lekdetec.nl widen their lead to 36-56. Via a full court press, STOL-Grasshoppers again come a bit closer, but the win for Lekdetec.nl doesn't come in danger. The match ends at 59-73.


Period stands: 15-17; 13-20; 10-23; 21-13.
Points: Corine Manuputty 16, Karin Kuijt 14
Rebounds: Eline Kraayenoord 9, Kelli Valentine 8
Did not play: Julia Dijkman (due to injury)

Tuesday, Feb. 21, STOL-Grasshoppers DS1 play another home game against BV Den Helder. The match begins at 20:30.