STOL-Grasshoppers beat competition leader

STOL-Grasshoppers have taken, after their 56-52 home win against Bemmel, a shared 2nd place in the 1st Division. From 13-12 in the first quarter, the score goes to 32-23 at halftime. Both sides defended aggressively, but STOL-Grasshoppers did it a bit better in the first half, which put them in the lead. After halftime, it took a while for STOL-Grasshoppers to score again. The visitors from Bemmel shot better and managed to tie the score at 36-36. In the forth quarter, the scoring went pretty equally for both sides. Even the desperate attemps by Tanja Bröring, ex-Grasshopper and then a professional career outside of Holland, could not prevent the home team from keeping the points in Katwijk.