STOL-Grasshoppers DS1 finished in finale Play-Offs


STOL-Grasshoppers were not successful in their home game against Wereldrickets. The young team of coach Bo Melis were not able to threaten the experienced opponent from Leiderdorp (57-71). With this result, Wereldtickets advances to the final where they will meet HLB Accountants from Den Helder. In the other

final, Probuild and Challenge Sports will fight for a final place.


The beginning of the match is for Wereldtickets (7-15), but STOL-Grasshoppers fight their way back via 16-19 to even 30-24 in the second period. The last 3 minutes are for Leiderdorp, who score an 8-0 run to go to halftime rest with a 2 point lead (30-32). Grasshoppers are unable to find a free player inside, so the scores are mainly via outside shots or the fast break.


The second half starts with equal scoring (39-39), but again Wereldtickets take a lead (39-50 after an 11-0 run), and in the 4th period they widen their lead to 15 points (43-58). STOL-Grasshoppers make a last attempt, but are unable to closer than 9 points. Leiderdorp is able to finish the match with 6 free throws (Leiderdorp a total of 17 of 24 free throws, Grasshoppers 4 of 4). The end score is 57-71.


Period stands: 16-19, 14-13, 11-18, 16-21.


Top scorers:

Heather Stec 24 points &14 rebounds, Missy Mitidiero19 points


STOL-Grasshoppers DS1 have ended the season in 7th place in the competition, and reached the final in the national cup competition, which is not bad for such a young team.