STOL-Grasshoppers against Wereldtickets 0-1


In a well filled sport hall, De Bloemerd in Leiderdorp, STOL-Grasshoppers played their first match in the ľ final of the play-offs for the Netherlands championship against Wereldtickets. After a nervous start for both teams, itís STOL-Grasshoppers who take the initiative in the first quarter (16-23). In the second quarter, the team from Leiderdorp quickly ties the score (25-25) and goes to the halftime rest with an eight point lead (44-36). Wereldtickets come energized out of the lockerroom and score easily, while the Grasshoppers scoring machine is failing. Halfway through the third period, despite 2 time-outs from coach Melis, the match is played and thereís a 64-40 score on the board. The fourth period is a formaility and the match ends at 95-63.


Period stands: 18-23, 26-13, 29-6, 22-21.

Top scorers:
Heather Stec 16points , Missy Mitidiero 12 points, Ingrid vd Plas 10 points.

STOL-Grasshoppers have a new chance to win next Saturday. They really need your support! The match begins at 20:00 in Cleijn Duin.